Breast Feeding Bras - Things To Know

Once you've become a mother, few things give you the joy like holding your baby close to your heart. Feeding your bundle of joy is a time that you are cherishing the joy of motherhood. In the initial days, your baby may require to be fed every few hours, and it could be a chore, if not a discomfort, to take off your bra each time. With the advent of breastfeeding bras, the task of feeding your baby is suddenly not as arduous. As part of your preparation for motherhood, it is recommended that you buy a few pairs of comfortable breastfeeding bras.

The breast feeding bra was first launched in USA in 1927 by William Rosenthal, president, Maidenform. This revolutionized the brazier market in America and was greatly appreciated by all women. Post the World War II the baby boomer generation created a huge demand for this kind of bra and the brazier industry saw exponential growth and the invention of the new Zip- up nursing bra.

Types of Nursing Bras:

- Underwire Nursing Bras- The underwire bras provide superior support when compared to any other kind of bra. These are most preferred by women who are used to wearing underwire bras in their pre- pregnancy days. They also give a better look to your breasts by holding them firm and high. However, most lactation consultants advise against wearing these braziers. It is said that the tight underwire may damage the breast tissues and also clog up the milk ducts in the lactating mothers. Also like in pre-pregnancy times, it is strongly recommended that you never sleep in with your underwire bra on.

- Soft Cup Nursing Bras- These bras offer lactating mothers that comfort and support they need while breast feeding. You can get these braziers either with flap, which lets you open a small and discreet cap while feeding your baby without having to entirely remove the bra or the ones without flap which you simply need to lift up and push down. The soft cup bras are highly recommended by most doctors over the under wired ones as these are very gentle and do not dig on your already tender breast tissues.

- Seamless Nursing Bras- Post pregnancy most women are very conscious about the size of their breasts or any wrinkles or lines that make them look awkward. In such cases the seamless nursing bras help give a sleek and smooth look. These are available in both underwire and soft cup variety and are hugely preferred by the new mommies.

You can get nursing bras in many styles and designs today. Many leading lingerie designers and companies are making sexy and sensual nursing bras for the new age moms. Available in cotton, silk, lace, spandex and micro fiber, today's women are spoilt for choice when it comes to nursing bras.